Dramatization Alternative Text

Scenario 1: “Ladies” in the classroom (Discussed in video 6.2.3) (said as part of the introductory comments to whole class) [TA] All right, now ladies in the classroom, I need you to only use blue or black pens, okay? I've just had some problems in the past where women were using fancy colored pens, and they bled through the paper, so I just made it a policy to only accept work in blue or black ink. If you don't happen to have a pen like that, just come up to the front of the classroom and get one; I have pens available here for you, okay?

Scenario 1: Student Expectations (Discussed in video 6.2.3) (one on one conversation between the black TA and a black student who comes to the front of the classroom to borrow a pen) [TA] James? So, as you can see, there's not too many black people in this class and you know, I want us to show everybody that black students can be just as good as anyone else. That includes always being prepared for class so, it's all right; I know this is the first time, but, next time be sure you've got a pen, all right?

Scenario 3: Non-native English speakers (Discussed in video 6.2.4) (one on one conversation following an interaction where the TA is having a difficult time understanding the accent of the student) [TA] If you (student) can pick up on this, you're obviously prepared for this class, and you're probably going to do fine. But, if you are planning on working in the U.S., after school, then you really have to improve your English. Like, just being honest like, it was hard for me to understand you, even when you were using your normal speaking voice.