Student Motivation

In these videos Dr. Derek Bruff and others explain the different aspects of student motivation and why student motivation is an important concept to consider when designing your teaching strategy.

Student Motivation and Learning

In this video Dr. Derek Bruff outlines a number of different types of student motivations and why those motivations are important to consider in your educational strategy.

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Student Motivation: Dr. Shane Hutson

In this video Dr. Shane Hutson from the Vanderbilt University Physics Department outlines what his student’s motivations are and how he endeavors to motivate his students.

Student Motivation: Dr. Margaret Rubega

In this video Dr. Margaret Rubega from the University of Connecticut Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology explains her student’s motivations and the techniques she uses to motivate her students.

Student Motivation: Dr. Andrew West

In this video Dr. Andrew West from the Boston University Astronomy Department discusses one of his courses in which he uses his overall course goals and several other techniques to motivate his students.